We build great
consumer brands that
build great retail brands.
Hemisphere Brands builds win-win partnerships with international suppliers and US retailers of home décor and housewares - driving sustainable commercial success.

We’re Better Together

We believe great retail brands need great consumer brands.
And vice versa. But they both need the right partner.

We’re better when we work closely together, hand in hand with our partners to create value at every stage of the commercial process from product localization to streamlined logistics. That’s why we’re called Hemisphere – we’re one half of a perfect partnership.

For brand owners, we’re the right partners

Leveraging years of experience working with big-name retail chains and smaller independents, Hemisphere Brands offers our international brand partners nationwide reach.

For retailers, we’re the right partners

Providing a wide product range from a diversified supply chain, matched by reliable and consistent service, Hemisphere Brands ensure you have the right product and brand mix to grow your revenues.

Let’s build your brand’s future growth together.
Our Lines
Hemisphere’s brands offer an ever-evolving range of products to brighten homes and gardens.
We partner with award-winning international glass production companies to bring high-quality specialized products - drinkware, stemware, cookware, barware and more - to tabletops across the US
We offer a wide variety of plastic products for home use
- storage and organization containers and boxes, baskets,
kitchenware, laundry, and more
Eco-friendly and efficient brooms, mops and accessories for homes and businesses, proving that function and fashion can co-exist
Indoor and outdoor planters, furniture, and gardening accessories, in fun, decorative colors and designs
Sturdy yet stunning wooden furniture, organization and storage solutions, kitchenware and more, adapted to fit local needs
From earthenware and porcelain to stoneware, our products provide aesthetic and functional benefits to tabletops, gardens, and households
A World of Houseware Brands
We partner with leading international manufacturers from around the globe to develop the right brands and products for the US consumer, across home and garden.
Why Partner with Us
Better Together is more than a slogan for us. We share your vision. We share your passion. Our dedicated team goes the extra mile to help you succeed, today and tomorrow. That’s our promise to all our partners for the last 17 years.

Access to global brands.
Our wide portfolio lets buyers offer US consumers quality products at great value, from leading houseware brands around the world.

Local adaptation.
From segmentation to brand localization, we ensure products, packaging, and messaging are perfectly tailored to the US market

Smooth operation.
We make working together easy, from design to delivery. No request is too big, no detail too small. What matters is getting the right products on shelves at the right time.

News & Events
The latest updates to our portfolio
Got big dreams for your brands? Let’s make them happen together.
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